Optimise Your Facebook Page

Optimise Your Facebook Page

Facebook constantly rolls out changes so it’s important to review your fan page frequently. Here are 6 tips to optimize your Facebook page.

Strategic Keyword Usage

Your Facebook fan page is indexed just like your website pages. So it’s important to use keywords in the About section, Mission, and Company description.

If you keep the meta description that appears under the thumbnail, to 140 characters, the entire description displays in the Google search snippet. Make this keyword rich, and compelling copy to increase click thru rate (CTR).

Include your complete address to optimize your page for local searches. Include product/service related information in the Overview, Mission and Products sections to optimize for product related searches.

Status Updates

The first 18 characters of a post are used for the meta description. So be sure to write this as focused and keyword rich as you can.

Cover Photo

Your cover photo is front and center and is the first thing fans see. It needs to represent your brand and be visually appealing to increase the likelihood of friends liking your page.

Post More Pictures

The redesigned Facebook News feed on the fan page shows larger images. Since a picture is much more likely to capture attention, include them in all posts, keeping the text content to a minimum.

Create More Shareable Content

The shares of your content will become more visual. Instead of showing just the names of friends/fans who shared your content, their faces will appear. This makes your likes and shares more important than ever, and takes the social endorsement to a whole new level.

Trending Topics Posts

Your posts appear in people’s news feed if your fans shared it, or if they liked your page. The new recent stories about carousel changes that. Now if you post about a trending topic, there is a chance that your post will appear on this carousel and get you exposure to a much wider audience.

Posting about any trending topic that has nothing to do with your business or industry may get you more fans, but they probably won’t be your target audience. The key is to follow trending topics in your industry and post related content.


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