Understand the basics of Communication for web copywriting

Understand the basics of Communication for web copywriting

Copywriting is the process of writing piece of content for the promotion, selling and changing perception about a product or organisation. The copywriting for web is becoming more ubiquitous as more and more people have began using internet as the source of information especially for buying. Blogs, tweets, social networking posts along with websites are the main avenues for the web copywriting. Although, there are some features that are unique to new media such as instantaneity, ease of use, reach and impact, but the main principles of mass communication still apply to them. It would not be a bad idea to know some of the basics of communication to enhance the impact of web copywriting. The

Famous 5 W’s and H formula: In mass communication, the 5’s W and H formula is very basic and important for successful communication. The 5 W’s and H are: What, When, Where, Who, Why and How. These are the basic question that your copy should answer for successful communication. For example, you want to write a review about the restaurant you recently visited. The restaurant owners has asked you to write a killer review about their business. That is how you can apply the 5 W’s and H, to write a great copy.

What is your review about? It is a review of the restaurant that you recently visited. It would deal with their cuisine to excellent service to polite staff and special discounts. Write down the main points on a notebook. The more you brainstorm the better. You would come up with many answers to the first question i.e., what.

Who is involved? There are three groups involved. The customers, the owners of the restaurant and you. The first two groups are obvious. You as a writer, are also involved in giving your opinion about the restaurant which will ultimately affect the other two groups. If you are successful in writing a compelling review, the image of the restaurant will get enhanced. The restaurants get extra customers, the customers get delicious food (hopefully) and you will get paid. Taking into consideration the needs of all parties involved will help you bring out a compelling copy.

Where is the restaurant? Brainstorm what are the benefits which are useful about the location of the restaurant. Is it located at a convenient location. Are there important and famous locations near the restaurant. Or the ambiance and environment at the restaurant was enticing, you could mention this in the copy. For example, if the restaurant is located outside the hustle and bustle of the big town, you could mention it as the positive point of the restaurant, as more people want to get rid of noise pollution for a while. We will continue our discussion of the 5 W’s and H in the continued post. So read on to make your copywriting more successful.  

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