How Blogging improves Search Rankings

How Blogging improves Search Rankings

Blogging has been one of the most enduring creations of the internet age. With a simple but powerful platform for self-expression, a wave of writing that’s unparalleled in human history has been unleashed. Blogging is also a brilliant tool for business: companies can become individual and personal, show their expertise and talk to their customers. It’s also a great – and simple and cheap – way to send your site shooting up the search engine rankings.

Toolkit helps make business blogging easy. We use our current Wordpress website as a blogging platform, as well as a website.First, the hard business sense. Search engines love a good blog. Regularly publishing new content is one of their first recommendations to site owners. If you write good, informative copy people will link to and share your content further increasing your rankings. Leaving your blog on one of the free platforms – Blogger or WordPress for example – will lend them the power of your links, which is why Toolkit will bring your blog onto your main site.Now, the softer side of blogging. And that’s key. Give your business a face and a personality and people are more likely to buy from you. It’s a two-way thing too; customers can comment on your posts and start a dialogue. Huge corporations invest vast sums in trying to personalise themselves, inventing Kwik Fit Fitters, eBay and the like. As a small business, you don’t have to, so take advantage of it.

Make your blog useful. Offer tips and hints, giving away a couple of trade secrets will be well worth your while both in popularity on the web and on the bottom line.

Running a blog will demand a bit of effort on your part and if you’re not able to post regularly, which means at least once a week, then it’s probably best not to bother. An irrelevant, months old post at the top of your blog will be perceived as negatively as reacting smartly to the latest industry news will be positively.

Some tips for good blogging.

Be regular, be useful and be entertaining. Keep your content lively and interesting and people will come back. Videos and photographs are very easy to upload too.

Think like a customer. Try to think what people want to know about your area of business and how they ask search engines to tell them. Be sure to include that sort of phrasing in your copy.

Don’t hide your light. Submit your blog to relevant directories to push it up the Google rankings. And use the Google Author programme to have your expertise recognised, once you’re registered all you have to do is sign all your posts.

Enjoy it. Most people who run their own businesses do it because they love it. Tell people, no one wants to engage with an unhappy tradesman going through the motions. Show that you care and what you learn along the way. This is your chance to tell your story and people love stories.

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